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Lubbock Console HDMI Solder Repair

HDMI & Retimer Chip Repairs

We offer Solder Repair Services for HDMI Ports, PS5 Retimer Chips, and USB Ports. A malfunctioning HDMI port can disrupt your gaming and entertainment experience, potentially leading to expensive replacements or upgrades if left unresolved. Repairing the port is often more cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and multimedia consumption without the burden of purchasing a brand new console.

Storage Upgrades & Repair

With larger storage capacity, you can store more games, downloadable content, and media files, ensuring a diverse and extensive library at your fingertips. This not only prevents the need to constantly delete and reinstall games but also enables quicker access to your favorite titles. Upgraded storage reduces loading times and enhances overall system performance, contributing to smoother gameplay and seamless transitions between different activities.

Playstation 5 Repair

Console Running Loud?

Dust and debris accumulation inside the console’s internal components, such as fans and heat sinks, can obstruct airflow and lead to increased fan speed and noise. By cleaning these components, you ensure optimal heat dissipation and prevent the console from working harder than necessary. This results in reduced fan noise and a more serene gaming environment.

Xbox one Exploded View

Common Console Repair Services

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Solder Repairs

Popular Repairs Price
Xbox Series S/X HDMI $150
Xbox One HDMI $120
Playstation 5 HDMI $150
Playstation 4 HDMI $120
Retimer Chip Repair $150
USB Port Repair $120

Storage Services

Popular Repairs Price
500GB SSD $139
1TB SSD $179
SSD Larger than 1TB Call Us

Other Common Services

Popular Repairs Price
Diagnosis $65 and up
Cleaning $65
Switch Screens $129 and up
Disk Drives $139 and up